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Jewish Learning Songs for Children

#: 024
Price: 90 NIS
The Tanach
List of Songs: Order of Books of Tanach, Torah, Neviim, Trei Asar, Ketuvim, Order of Parshas of the Week, 20 generations from Adam to Avraham, Patriarchs and Tribes, Kohen Gadols, Judges, Yehudean Dynasty, Kings of Yehudah, Kings of Israel, Who Wrote the Books of the Tanach?
#: 025
Price: 90 NIS
Mishkan and its Vessels
List of Songs: The Sight of the Mishkan, Outside Altar, The Laver, The Table, The Menorah, The Inside Altar, The Beams, The Coverings, The Screens, The Wanderings of the Mishkan and the Ark, Conclusion Song
#: 026
Price: 90 NIS
Oral Torah
List of Songs: The Order of the Giving of the Torah, The Order of the Zugot (Couples), About the Mishna, The Generations of the Tannaim, 6 Orders of the Mishna, Masechtot, About the Talmuds, Babylonian Amoraim, Palestinian Amoraim, Halachic Midrashim, Aggadic Midrashim, 13 Middot of the Torah, 13 Principles of Faith
#: 027
Price: 90 NIS
Rebbi Akiva
List of Songs: Introduction, Akiva and Rachel, Akiva Goes to Learn Torah, Akiva in Prison, Moshe Rabeinu and Rebbi Akiva, Rebbi Akiva and the Destruction of the Bet Hamikdash, The Rebellion of Bar Kochba, The End of Days of Rebbi Akiva
#: 028
Price: 90 NIS
The Book of Yehoshua
List of Songs: Yehoshua's Wars, The Order of Settlement, The Cities of the Leviim and Cities of Refuge, The Miracles, Mitzvot, Conclusion Song 1, Conclusion Song 2, Final Song - The Test on the Book
#: 095
Price: 90 NIS
The Tanach Part 2
List of Songs: Trials of Avraham, Ten Daily Rememberences, 42 Journeys in the desert, Miracles In Sefer Shoftim, Summary of Sefer Shoftim, Life of King David, Sons of King David, Humility of King David, Key People in Sifrei Neviim, Miracles of Eliyahu and Elisha, Song of Events-Creation of the world until the State of Israel
#: 086
Price: 400 NIS
CD containing all 6 disks with songs.

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